why should you self-publish your book, as opposed to working with a publisher? I’m a huge proponent of self-publishing. I think that the publishing industry has and will be undergoing a lot of changes as a result of technology and the internet, and that self-publishing is the way of the future. Here’s why I think that, for most people, it’s best to self-publish:


1. Time

You could spend months trying to get a publisher. And even after all those months trying you still might not be able to get a publishing deal. In fact, you probably won’t get one. Most people don’t. Unless you have a large following or are highly reputable in the particular field, it will be extremely hard to get a deal. All that time spent trying to get a publishing deal could be spent writing and promoting your book! With self-publishing you don’t need for someone to choose you, you can choose yourself and write and publish whatever you want!


2. Revenue

Publishers keep a huge portion of the revenue from book sales. I’ve heard it’s typically around 80%. By self-publishing on Amazon you keep 70% if your book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99. That means you need to sell significantly more books to earn the same amount of money with a publisher.


3. Control

Publishers get control over what you write. They have length requirements and may want you to write about some things you don’t want to write about, or not write about some things you do want to write about. With self-publishing you control every word of your book. You control the title, the design, the cover, everything.


The Self-Publishing Gold Rush

Amazon has millions and millions of active shoppers, with their credit card information already stored, and the ability to buy with just one click. Self-publishing on Amazon is like putting an infinite number of your books in the center of the world’s largest bookstore.

It costs very little time and zero dollars to self-publish on Amazon. It’s incredibly easy to do.

The Internet makes it less necessary to have a high-priced broker like a publisher. If a publisher needs you then you don’t need a publisher, and if you need a publisher then the publisher doesn’t need you.

Learn a bit about internet marketing and do it yourself. Build your audience and mailing list by blogging and engaging on social media. Then you won’t need a publisher because you will already have an audience. Therefore, you can keep 70% of the revenue instead of giving away 70% of the revenue!

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